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The Wedding World conceived by DOMO ADAMI confirms its starting point and acting into style embracing a much broader context, in which attention to detail and research moves towards the wedding reception and the coordination and the design of the whole event. Here is the WEDDING DESIGN, a creative and trendy way to imagine and live your wedding day in full.
The continuous stylistic research is the fundamental plus in DOMO ADAMI style ; a ceaseless study of the new, of the never-before-seen, an unstoppable curiosity for precious fabrics and new materials marking a new interpretation of the wedding dress and a clever reinterpretation of tradition through the discreet taste of the modern.
Wedding Style and Bridal Couture are the two main concepts of Mauro Adami’s "domus". Through its clever design, Mauro Adami for DOMO ADAMI is a trend-setter in the wedding world and offers brides the idea, the stylistic imprint, the latest innovation for the preparation of the table and the setting of the reception. It is a philosophy that has long meant to be confirmation and evidence of a modus operandi that is reflected in the artisanal manufacture of dresses with a strong connotation of the made in Italy now famous all over the world. This is how products for the decoration and settings come to life; a new floral sensitivity for new trends on flower arrangements and perfumes .. Plexiglas, plaster, glass, wood, are some materials that distinguish the style .... Contrasting with emotion, influencing in harmony ... design and artistry. A planned coordination that allows the DOMO ADAMI world to stand out and characterize its wedding events.

The latest "creation" of the eclectic Mauro Adami is the Academy, a new opportunity for all professionals and enthusiasts of the wedding to learn the techniques from the professionals and the secrets of perfect planning.
The wedding world, the various steps of research, planning and preparation for the big day are shrouded by a veil of magic charm, as if those who deal were part of a small group of chosen and the privileged.
But the profession of a wedding planner is complicated, challenging and requires uncommon preparation and ability. It is important to move with competence and learn the job with a good starting, working alongside with the professionals.
"I recently set up an academy at my headquarters," says Mauro Adami, "Where, through a journey led by professionals in the business , one can start to take his first steps in this world, slowly knowing all aspects that, once assembled, will start up the" machine " of the event.
I wanted to extend the concept of Planning extending it more towards Management, globally considering all aspects concatenated into a harmonious accordance rather than as individual moments. "

Floral designers and banqueting managers, photographers and videographers, musicians and lighting designers, communication experts and hair and makeup stylists work together to create the full picture of the event. These professionals through practical and theoretical lessons illustrate the peculiarities of their industry, the key elements that distinguish them and that are the basis of their work, thus instructing the "students" on the elements that make up the event. Through all this they acquire a basic knowledge of notions and concepts that, once developed and managed will create memorable events.

The Academy project turned out being successful for the range of contents and innovation of the message it conveys so that it has already been applied in other places, such as at the WOW (World Of Wedding) conference which was held in September at the Radisson Hotel in Galzignano Terme (Padova – Italy).
The new season will also be full of events: the wedding tour includes stops in several Italian cities where among training courses, exhibitions, meetings with brides and fashion shows the whole message of the "House" Adami applies.

The international recognition has been recently confirmed at a conference of European wedding planners during a tour of visits to prestigious locations in Friuli Venezia Giulia: castles, ancient villas and historic estates, DOMO ADAMI has been chosen as a leading figure of the Italian wedding world becoming the guidance and the reference of the tour, opening the possibility of collaborations involving Italy as a wedding destination.
In Russia, first in Moscow to the Wedding Ball 2015 and then in St. Petersburg during a three-day event of shows, décor and meetings with wedding professionals, Mauro Adami is acclaimed the Wedding Designer of the moment.
In Kyoto, Japan, a global project is going to be defined where the DOMO ADAMI Italian Wedding Style will become a concept to revive the Italian taste and eclecticism for the creation of exclusive and unique events.
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Эксперт Италия, Милан
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Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
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Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан
Эксперт Италия, Милан

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